Linus Startups -Your Willing , Able and Ready Partners

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Linus Startups -Your Willing , Able and Ready Partners

Read and you will see you life unfolds in this very instant! Do you want to know why?

Leentech Network Solutions,Inc. will pave the way to a fun and chiil vibe environment to showcase your talents and discover your hidden expertise that you do not realize you have....interesting, right?

LNS will open up broader possibilities of diversification which will cultivate an environment of agile and captivates the essence of a peoplecentric IT Company that generates 99.9% amplified results.

Intelligence is fixed at birth but some people are creative , others aren't.You can become a world class expert through enough practice, where Leentech is your starting point.No lull time , no boring moment,indeed! There is sharing of knowledge, learning through experiences,latest news and other endeavors to offer and have an awesome experience in selecting the best among the best microcompanies.You are welcome to a journey of learning, fun and collaboration.


The Linus Startups


Livewire365 is out to get you! Our domain and web server hosting provider needs your skills, GO INTERNS!

Established in 2015, Livewire365 is a professional hosting company that introduced a new standard in the web hosting environment here in the Philippines.Reliable and Flexible. These are the two words that kept the business running. We strive to bridge the gap between value and affordability.






Webwoxs is out to get you if you are the person who delivers web solutions that work.....challenged? You better be.

Open your mind to a wide world of massive loop of web designing at its best. Share your talent and be honed to the best version of you.You will not just learn, you will also know how to be a competent and efficient person with proficient skillset.

Giving a heck of swag and dig on the latest trends in website designs and you will roll your eyes in too much excitement! 

So ready to rock? Sign up with Webworx now.



DHQ Digital Marketing



DHQ Digital Marketing is a dynamic digital marketing agency creating out of the box and innovative digital solutions gearing towards quantifiable conversion.

DHQ mission is to convert your content into profits and bring your business to its next level!

Master modern digital marketing concepts and follow the tranformation roadmap ready right in your fingertips.Unlock your hidden inteligences and be ready to conquer your dreams and visions by leveraging marketing tactics through applying state of the art digital technologies.

Optimizing your skills to get your points across using digital platforms? Be with DHQ and it will push you into a world of endless possibilities and voila! SUCCESS.