Who we are?

Welcome to Intern Heroes!

In collaboration with leaders of the Philippine startup community, this platform was built to ensure that the heroes joining our nation’s workforce have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to shape our shared future.

Catering to university communities, our goal is to offer a new type of internship experience. Digital transformation is no longer only a concern for tech-driven companies. All industries must embrace disruption, beginning with the talent they invest in. By connecting the right talent with the right companies, and housing them in the right environment, we want to transform industry learners into innovation leaders—creating not just interns, but Intern Heroes. 

Not only are we helping our Intern Heroes build their professional careers, we are also helping our company partners find and invest in the innovators that will spearhead their growth. To do this, we’ve developed a framework for success, built upon four pillars:

  1. Education. Intern Heroes serves as a bridge between innovation-ready companies and leading universities—championing learning to build the future of work in the Philippines.
  2. Mentorship. We’ve gathered global mentors from Silicon Valley and beyond to kickstart and supercharge the professional journeys of our Intern Heroes.
  3. Community. Participants are immersed in an agile working environment, learning-by-doing with LINUS (Local and International Network of Unified Startups).
  4. Investment. With the support of investment funds and enablers like Startup Village, we provide funding opportunities for our Intern Heroes to not only learn, but build their dream projects. 

Through world-class education and mentorship, as well as the support of a global community of startups and enablers, we hope to provide a launchpad for learners looking to become innovation leaders. At Intern Heroes, we are super-powering the future champions of our workforce.  We’d love to have you join us.

Richard F. Prodigalidad
President and CEO Intern Heroes
A proud subsidiary of LINUS & LNS+